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MG MG5 Estate 115kW Exclusive EV 61kWh 5dr Auto

Non-Status Car Lease from: £699.00 plus VAT per month

MG MG5 Estate 115kW Exclusive EV 61kWh 5dr Auto on a short term non-status car lease
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Vehicle Details

Contract Details

Non-Status Car Leasing

If you don’t fit the usual criteria for a car lease then Non-Status Car Leasing maybe for you.

Non-Status Leasing is great for Expat’s, New Business Start-up’s, Those who have had CCJ’s or Adverse Credit and Ex-Bankrupts.

Our experienced underwriters assess every single application for affordability and stability, they will want to see bank statements and may also contact your employer for confirmation of salary.

The benefit to you is the chances of getting a car lease is high, although our initial rentals maybe higher, the cars are the same price per month as our regular short term car leases.

Our underwriters will set a credit limit and may limit you to a particular supplier, but we can help with you Non-Status car leasing needs.

How to apply foe a Non-Status Car Lease...

If you would like to apply for a Non-Status Car Lease then call the Short Car Leases team on 03333 441 277 or email us at

All applications require a credit check and our underwriters will look at your affordability and stability.

Our intial rentals may change depending on your history and circumstances and we may require a refundable deposit. The monthly amount will always stay the same. Get in touch today.

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For those applying for a Non-Status Lease, Our underwriters will set the terms based on your personal circumstances. This could include a higher initial rental, a higher documentation fee, guarantee and/or imdenity and/or a refundable deposit.



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